I have been sewing since I was 10 years old.  My mother and two aunts were my teachers.  My first project was a skirt with an elastic waistband and a matching vest.  My parents gave me a Kenmore sewing machine for my 13th birthday.  I used that machine until my early 40’s, when I bought my Bernina.  I taught my daughter how to sew on the Kenmore, and even my son made one 4-H quilt on it.   That machine made two prom dresses, countless skirts, dresses, tops, bathrobes, bathing suits, and one fateful pair of pants (never liked making pants).  It went to college with me, my two apartments, and my first home.  The last big project sewn on the Kenmore was to reconfigure my wedding dress into a first communion dress.

My mom and I became interested in quilting in the early 90’s, when the craft made a resurgence.  The first quilt pattern that spoke to me was a log cabin.  My breath still catches when I see one, and one of these days, I will make one.  I made a few quilts over the years, a baby quilt for my son, a strip quilt for a Christmas gift for my parents, but my main focus was teaching my daughter to quilt through our 4-H program.  During her 9 year tenure in 4-H, she made 8 quilting projects, two of which were judged to be champion quilts at the county fair.

Earlier this year, I resigned from my job and brought to a close a 28 year career.  One of my goals is to spend time doing what I love, and top of the list is quilting and sewing.  This blog is part of that new direction, because as I brush off my skills and rediscover my passion, I would like to share that process with others.   I hope you join me….

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